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Thankful with a side of gratitude

There are no accurate words or verbal expressions that could possibly even touch the depth of gratitude I feel for all the many people that came together, like pieces of a puzzle on January 29th, and saved this much loved man.  You not only saved HIS life but you saved the lives of many that day. You saved his parents, his children, my children, his siblings and our wonderful friends from facing another day without the caring, embracing, loving influence this man brings to our lives everyday.

You especially saved MY life. As I held his hand and watched these angel women administer CPR and assist Stevie on the sidewalk that day, I pleaded for him to fight and stay with me. I pleaded because of how treasured our life is and how cherished our love is. Our priority has always been authentically to honor and love each other, and I have never regretted any moment of our time together. I only wanted MORE…more precious time to share with my Stevie…  And you all gave me that. Nothing I could ever do can repay you for that.

Thankfully, due to the concern, compassion, along with the quick life saving actions, of these angel women, the paramedics, fire department, sheriff’s department and all the staff at the Davis Hospital,  we all now get to continue a life where the fact that he is still here, breathing in and out is a constant reminder, even more,  of how precious life is, how quickly life can be taken and how cherished and important each of us are, simply for being human.

Without the timely administration of CPR that day, he would not be here today. Please if you are not certified, become so as soon as you can. You never know when you could be called to use it or feel prompted to apply it.

Our world, especially now, needs to know that there are so many people that are good, kind, caring, considerate and treasured. They may not get on the nightly news or get tweeted about every hour, but they are there, just the same. We all need to know that. We all need to trust that! These individuals stood up that day, as I’m sure they do everyday and followed their hearts, used their knowledge and put their best foot forward. That’s more than I could have ever asked for and the outcome is that our happily ever after gets to continue.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you!